About Us


What we are:  This website was put together by 2 guys for 1 reason – to provide the world with re-useable Google Apps Script (GAS) code snippets.  Hopefully this site will  provide all GAS coders with quick, 2-click access to any of the 2,500+ GAS methods and from there 1-click access to code.

This website is designed to be a platform so that more advanced users of the language can submit code snippets for the rest of us to build off of so we can learn the language faster.  If you are one such expert, please use the Submit Page to fill in the gaps where code is missing, or provide code that you think others can use.

Once submitted, all code is checked to make sure it works before being posted. Our initial goal is to fill in the gaps. The starting point is that Google has provided example code for about 40% of the methods. We want to make it 100%! Beyond that, we are interested in providing several alternatives for each method, as they become available. Our experience has been that coding moves much faster when we have even a small example to learn from or use.

We are Google Apps Script ‘fan boys’ and this website is meant to enhance and never compete with Google’s official presentation of the language.  We hope you enjoy the site and find it to be useful.

What we are not:  This website is not designed for asking and getting answers to specific problems with code you are writing.

In learning GAS (and we are still learning too!) we have been helped by many websites.  Links to many of those websites can be found under the “Resources” tab.  If you have code that is not working and you want help from someone else to fix it, we suggest that you explore the links under “Resources,” particularly stackoverflow.com.


Here is a link to the 2014 Annual Report showing website statistics! Thank you for all of the 3000+ views within the first 2.5 months!

2015 will bring additional content as we will make sure that over 90% of all methods are covered!

Google Script Reference Development Team


On 1/16/2015 the remaining methods were uploaded to bring the total over 90% of all current Apps Script methods!  Note- this is the last scheduled update by Kudos Development Team.  It is up to YOU to provide code for the remaining 10%.   We hope you find it useful in your programming.

1-Click Access to over 2,000 Methods!